About Us

About Us

Give the Children Space to Grow in Creativity

Fitness Kidz is a dynamic mobile enterprise dedicated to providing a diverse array of captivating, inclusive, and thoroughly engaging services for children! Our offerings span a spectrum of educational programs, featuring junior sports and fitness classes that not only nurture physical activity but also instill valuable life skills.

One of our standout attractions is our immensely popular Active Entertainment services, specially tailored for children’s parties, primary school programs, and event entertainment. Imagine a celebration where children not only have a blast but also learn the importance of staying active and healthy – that’s what Fitness Kidz brings to the table!

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to inspire the younger generation to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, we provide an extensive range of exciting equipment meticulously designed to capture children’s imaginations and motivate them to become more physically active. From innovative sports gear to interactive fitness tools, we’ve curated an environment that fosters a love for movement and well-being.

Our dedication to excellence has garnered us multiple national and state awards, a testament to the quality and impact of our services. Whether it’s our educational programs or Active Entertainment services, Fitness Kidz consistently delivers outstanding experiences that leave a lasting impression on children and parents alike.

Join us in our mission to cultivate a generation of active, fit, and healthy individuals, where learning and play seamlessly converge to create unforgettable moments for children across the nation. Fitness Kidz – where fun and fitness collide!

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We have available a wide variety of equipment, gear and resources. Make your next event one to remember.

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Meet the team of our professional instructors and educators

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