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Fitness Kidz is a dynamic mobile enterprise dedicated to providing a diverse array of captivating, inclusive, and thoroughly engaging services for children! Our offerings span a spectrum of educational programs, featuring junior sports and fitness classes that not only nurture physical activity but also instill valuable life skills.

Healthy and Active

Fitness Kidz, a specialised children’s activity program, offers a range of benefits that contribute to the holistic development and well-being of young participants.

Teamwork Challenges

By engaging in group activities, children learn teamwork, communication skills, and cooperation.

Increase Coordination

Through age-appropriate activities, Fitness Kidz helps improve cardiovascular health, strength, coordination, and flexibility.

Inspire children to become active, fit & healthy!

Fitness Kidz is a mobile business offering a wide range of exciting, inclusive, and highly engaging services!
We offer educational programs such as our junior sports & fitness classes as well as our VERY popular Active Entertainment services for children’s parties, primary school programs & event entertainment!
We have a huge range of exciting equipment designed to inspire children to become active, fit & healthy!
Fitness Kidz has proudly been awarded multiple national & state awards for all our services!

Playing & Learning

With over 30 programs that we rotate over the year, there’s never a dull moment at Fitness Kidz!

Boasting an incredible range of exciting child friendly equipment our classes feature activities & sports such as obstacle courses, balance beams, parachute play, ball games, hula hoops, fitness & strength challenges, teamwork challenges, novelty games, soccer, basketball, tennis, long jump, high jump, football plus MANY more!

Renowned for also improving children’s turn taking, sharing & listening skills our classes are fully inclusive! Whether your centre would like us to work with your toddlers or preschooler rooms or both it’s up to you! Each class runs for 30 minutes & we can use indoors and outdoors making our programs suitable all year round & weatherproof!

Our programs do all the talking inspiring young minds to fall in love with a fit & healthy, active lifestyle as well as improving their fitness, strength, balancing & overall coordination skills!

Our programs tick all the boxes for the early years learning framework!

Care and Guidance
Value for Money
Fully Equipped
Loved by All Ages

Inclusive Junior Fitness & Sports programs

Why Choose Us?

Complete Facilities

Our dedication to excellence has garnered us multiple national and state awards, a testament to the quality and impact of our services.

Outdoor Fun

Fosters a healthy lifestyle from a young age and instils the importance of regular exercise as a lifelong habit.

Indoor Options

Fitness Kidz also contributes to the development of a healthy self-esteem and body image.

Enjoyment for All

Positive reinforcement extends beyond physical achievements to include other aspects of personal development.

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